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Social Finance

So what is social finance? It’s pretty much a what-it-says-on-the-tin situation.

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We promised you transparency, so here it is.

Our new app combines social platforms and money services. It enables you to grow and stay in touch with your network. It involves an in-app messaging service so you can keep the money talk separate from your usual messaging. When someone you know joins the app through your link, they're in your network. This makes it easier to send and receive money from them and means you can reach them directly through our messaging service!

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The best thing is, we're letting you earn money from your network! Why, you may ask? We're the sharing kind, and so far, we're the only ones, but we're hoping we can inspire others too!

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We promised you transparency, so here it is. We earn money from your transfers because we have a small fee (only a few pence, check out our fees page for details), but we want to give you some of it back. That means, every time one of your friends sends money, we're getting a small fee, and you're going to get some of it too. So, the more extensive your network and the bigger the spenders inside it, the more money you earn. You will need to be quick, though! Unless your friends are planning on having and spending with multiple Kixy accounts, then you're going to want to be the first person to invite them through your link.

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Frequent Asked Questions

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How do I delete or edit a beneficiary?

Once you have created a beneficiary on your account this will be saved. You can delete or edit beneficiaries through your app. click on make a payment, beneficiary, click on the beneficiary you would like to edit/delete.

If you are unable to find these options, you can give our support line a call.

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