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Social Finance

So what is social finance? It’s pretty much a what-it-says-on-the-tin situation.

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The Kixy app will combine social platforms and money services enabling you to stay in touch with your network and keep on top of your finances. With an in-app messaging service you can keep your money engagements separate from your social interactions. When someone you invited to Kixy joins through the link you shared with them, they're automatically included in your network. This makes it simple to send and receive money from them through our messaging service. Just text them an emoji with the amount you want to send them and its done. As simple as that. You’ll be able to see the cash transferred out from your account and the same way if any cash has been sent to you.

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Over and above this Kixy encourages you to engage and expand your family & friends’ network. The larger your network become and the more they transact the more money you’re going to earn money. Why, you may ask? Well, we're the sharing kind, and so far, we're the only ones, but we're hoping once are live we can inspire others too!

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As we promise transparency, here is what we mean. We earn money from all transfers. It’s a small fee (only a few pence, check out our fees page for details), but we want to give you some of it back. That means, every time one of your friends transfers or sends money, we would get a small fee, and we would share some of that with you too. So, the more you expand your social network on Kixy, and your network spends using Kixy, the more cash you stand to earn. It would work the same way for your network if they invited their network to Kixy. You will need to be quick, though! Register and queue for early access and be the first person to invite your friends and family to Kixy through your link.

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