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Direct Debit

No more hidden charges! We're being 100% transparent with you, and we're making it harder for companies to keep charging you for a service or product you lost interest in!

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Set up a direct debit with the company you are paying (for example, a gym or gas company). When you do this, you authorize the company to withdraw money from your account. When setting up Direct Debit, there is no need to inform Kixy. You will only be able to pay by Direct Debit in Pound Sterling. In order to get started with the company you simply need to provide them with the GBP account details you can find in the Kixy app. If you're required to provide an address for GBP Direct Debits, then use this one: Kixy Address: 40 Gracechurch Street, London, England, EC3V 0BT.

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You can access your direct debit through our web and our new mobile app coming out soon! We're making it easier to keep track of all of your recurring payments. We're cutting out the middle man and making it easier for you to cancel the direct payments within your account, so you don't have to deal with "slow customer service teams" every time you want to cancel a subscription.

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Now that we've made your subscriptions easy to find and control, you have no reason to be subscribed to four different streaming platforms.

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Frequent Asked Questions

Got a question? We're here to help!

Can I request a refund for my direct debit?

If you would like a direct debit refund this will have to done through the merchant, this will be quicker. If the merchant is not co-operating, then we can raise a direct debit dispute depending on the reason for the refund.

If you are unaware of the direct debit you can also raise a direct debit dispute. Please contact our support team to gain assistance with this.

Why did my direct debit fail?

This can be for many reasons why the direct debit did fail:

  • Insufficient funds

If there are insufficient funds at the time the direct debit was to be taken, not to worry as we will send you an SMS message letting you know that the payment was not taken due to insufficient funds and we will attempt to take the payment again around 2pm. Ensure there is sufficient funds for the balance to be covered.

  • Account closed.

If the direct debit is set up on a closed account, the direct debit payment will not be taken. You will need to contact the merchant to provide the correct account details.

  • No direct debit instruction in place

If the direct debit instruction is not in place, the merchant will not be able to set up the direct debit with us. Ensure that the merchant has all the information for the process to be completed. If there are any complications the merchant will be alerted and will contact you directly.

  • Direct debit set -up

When setting up the direct debit, do ensure that the information provide to the merchant is correct. The selected days and amounts are also correct. The direct debit will only be taken on the day that has been arranged with you and the merchant.

How do I cancel a direct debit?

If you wish to cancel a direct debit, click on “view payments” this will take you to your reoccurring payments. Click on the direct debit that you wish to cancel, this will give you the option to cancel the direct debit.

If you wish to re start the direct debit, please contact the merchant to set the direct debit back up.

If you do wish to keep the direct debit cancelled, we do advise to contact the merchant also to let them know that you have cancelled the direct debit and it is not a mistake and you wish to keep the direct debit closed. This will ensure that they do not start the direct debit back up again.

How do I see what direct debits I have?

You can view all your direct debits under your account. Click on “view payments” this will take you to your reoccurring payments. You will be able to see all the payments that have been taken by the merchant, date and the amount.

How do I set up direct debits?

We will not be able to set up your direct debit directly. You can set up a direct debit through your merchant, they will arrange the amount and date for when the regular payments will leave your account. The Merchant will let us know that a direct debit has been requested and approved by you. We will do the rest and allow the payment to be taken.

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