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Keeping you safe

Our technology is monitoring your activity to ensure your account is always safe. If we detect anything unusual, we'll contact you. Maybe you misplaced your card? With Kixy you can block your card in just a few seconds. To be even safer you can freeze and unfreeze your card whenever you want. You are in control!

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cheap transfers

Open your doors to a new world

We are 100% committed to breaking down borders. We are 9x cheaper than high street banks, and transfers are fast-tracked in a matter of minutes!

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Direct Debit

Easily manage your money

View and manage your direct debits straight from the web and soon on our mobile app. We're giving you all the information, so no more sneaky subscriptions!

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How it works

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    It takes minutes to create your account! Our state-of-the-art, fully automated verification technology guarantees a speedy process!

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    All you need is your new account number and sort code, and you can add or transfer money whenever you like.

  • Keep connected

    Stay connected with your network. Send and receive money. Grow and connect with your loved ones so they can profit too!

Taking your money to new heights! 🚀

At Kixy we have some exciting news to share. We are launching a new exciting, state-of-the-art app soon, packed with tons of features that will transform the way you engage with your money. Stay tuned for these exciting updates!

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Social Finance

We are making money solutions social

We are introducing a new way to make money, soon launching a profit-sharing scheme. All you have to do is, grow your network to make money off every transfer made! So while you're sleeping and your friends are making transfers - you're making money.

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Multi-Currency card

Bringing the world to you

Kixy is breaking down borders. You don't have to worry about the exchange rates; use your Kixy debit card at any ATM around the world without having to plan. Holidays are already way more stressful than they need to be!

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Coming soon

Kixy Debit Card

The Kixy debit card is coming very soon! All of us here at Kixy couldn't be more excited about it! We can't wait for our current and new customers to get their hands on their very own shiny new card. Keep an eye out for all the release date updates.

We take care of your finances so you can take care of what really matters

Joyful and hassle free money solutions, join Kixy today!

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Inclusive, innovative money solutions

We are building better systems to make institutional finance globally inclusive. Having an e-money account should be a given right. We want to be spearheading the way that everyone can transact seamlessly, in a safe, fraud-free, and fair ecosystem.

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Excellent customer care and quick to…

Excellent customer care and quick to respond. Easy peasy lemon squeezy to make an account :)

I had an account in 2 mins!

I had an account in 2 mins!! Very impressed. Easy-to-use interface and a friendly customer service. Very glad to have found them

Quick and easy

Quick and easy, the application process is fast. Excellent customer service that is always there to answer my questions. Will definitely recommend to friends and family.

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Kixy LTD is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority under the Payment Services Regulations 2017 for the provision of payment services (reference number: 814005). Kixy LTD's registered address: 40 Gracechurch Street, London, England, EC3V 0BT. Kixy is not a bank, the Kixy account is an e-money account. For Canadian customers, Kixy Services Inc. is registered with the Financial Transactions and Reports Analysis Centre of Canada (FINTRAC) as a Money Service Business (MSB) with registration number M21855906.