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Being a small business is a hard task on any given day, but it's also really rewarding. We want to help you, help your small business.

It is an exciting prospect for small businesses to have their grant application accepted. Additionally, unlike other forms of funding such as bank loans, a small business grant does not need to be repaid.

The government usually funds the grants, but many organizations provide them as well. Typically, they are set up to address a specific issue, such as revitalizing a neglected part of the country or promoting British innovation. In order to write a convincing grant application, it is essential that start-ups and small businesses understand the reasons for grants.

To find the grant that's perfect for your start-up or small business, you'll need to put some time into research. You can start with our guide to save yourself hours of research.

There are hundreds of government grants available for small businesses. That will save you money, helping grow your business by lowering start-up costs.

Where to find government grants for new small businesses?

Government grants are accessible for UK businesses, as well as through the Welsh and Northern Ireland Assemblies and from the Scottish Parliament. Assuming you're beginning a UK business, start with the valuable Business Finance Support Finder. The Welsh government approaches a comparable rundown of awards at its Business Grants site. Undertaking Ireland approaches subsidizing for private companies up to bigger endeavours, while the Scottish government's Funding Opportunities site gives admittance to the north of 600 awards and financing choices.

Below is some information on different small business grants.

Start-Up Grants:

The National Lottery Heritage Fund:

This fund supports projects from designing landscapes to cultural traditions. Their aim for 2021-22 will be prioritizing start-ups that boost the local economy, encourage skills development and job creation, and are also focused on supporting well-being. Read the details.

Innovate the UK:

It is a government grant which aims to develop and aid the realization of potential new ideas, particularly focused on those from the UK's research base. Read the eligibility requirements.

Research and Development Tax Relief:

This organization supports companies seeking to research and develop an advancement in their chosen field (this includes companies that are unsuccessful). Read more about Research and Development Tax Relief.

Local Authority:

While we can't compile all of the grants made available by your local authorities, we're here to let you know that you should look into it! They're also currently helping out small businesses survive the pandemic, so you should look into what your council can help you with. Here is a good place to start looking.

Young People Grants:

Everyone is keen to support the next big talent, so if you're a small person with a big dream, make sure to check out some of these grants:

The Prince's Trust:

The trust supports 18–30- years old's in starting and running their own businesses. Not only do they offer funding and other resources, but they also have the training and mentoring on offer.

Although it is no longer on offer, last year, the trust set up a £5 million Enterprise Relief Fund, which offered grants to self-employed people and business owners, so keep an eye out for what they're announcing in the future.

You can either apply for a low-interest loan (between £500-£5000), or they have been known to give out grants in special circumstances.


UnLtd looks to support entrepreneurs who are 16 and over if their business is aimed at learning and working in order to benefit others. They offer three different "awards" from £500 to £15,000, which they call start-up packages. Find out if you qualify.

Starting A Business:

The New Enterprise Allowance:

This organization is great because as well as funding, it also provides you with mentoring, and you don't have to be an established concept either! If you have an idea that you want to develop into a business, you're on your way to being eligible.

Your mentor is in charge of approving your business plan, and then you can get up to £1274 in allowance over 26 weeks. Here is how to reach your JobCenter plus work coach ) to talk about the allowance.

Grants For Taking On An Apprentice:

If you want to take on an Apprentice, then the government is keen to help you out.

If you can prove that you're taking home less than £3 million annually, then the government will cover the cost of the apprenticeship levy. This means you get 5% towards the training and assessment of the apprentice of your choice, and this is only for apprenticeships that started in April 2019 or later.

Check out the details.

Kickstart Scheme:

The government has recently introduced the Kickstart scheme, which is designed to help businesses who are creating job openings for those aged 16-24 who are on Universal Credit and are at high risk for long term unemployment.

You can get up to 100% of the living wage for 25 hours a week for a total of six months, along with their pension and National Insurance Contributions. This opportunity lasts until December 2021

We got most of our information at Simply Business, so for more details, check out their page!

How would I apply for an administration business award?

Each plan is unique; however, check you meet the overall terms and standards before you get excessively far into the application interaction. Most awards are a very trained professional, for example, making a particular kind of business or building a business that will assist with recovering a local neighbourhood area. Here are our tips for effectively applying for another business grant.

• Converse with the grant body

- converse with the award grants body to survey your possibilities of making an effective application.

• Peruse the grant targets

- take more time to realize the reason why this award is being granted and what it plans to accomplish, for example, employing staff from a nearby local area or growing harmless to the ecosystem items. Compose your application, alluding to the goals as intently as conceivable to have the best potential for success.

• Have an incredible field-tested strategy

- similarly as with different kinds of financing, the honours body for the grant will hope to see an expert marketable strategy and, assuming that you've begun exchanging, instances of your business position and asset report.

• Zero in on the grant use

- awards are typically granted for a particular venture, like getting IT hardware or subsidizing broadband establishment. Utilize the application to show how this will assist with developing your business and advantage others, as opposed to on the (for this situation) IT gear itself.

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